Hello There!

Hi! I’m Megan Small and I am a Bay Area based photographer specializing in maternity, newborns, and families. I have always been infatuated with the art of documenting everyday life. Through high school and college I carried around a camera capturing every party, gathering of friends, or just a regular day at school. By recording those special moments that at the time seemed like just another ordinary day, are now cherished images and fragments of time that I will forever treasure. This is the model I bring to Megan Small Photography, to capture a family hanging at home, a newborn in it’s first week of life, or a birthday party where the family has come together to celebrate.

Since I started my journey in photography I finally felt as though all the dots had been connected and I found my true passion. I have combined my love for art, children, babies, beauty, and composition into a successful and continuously rewarding business. I look forward to meeting your family and getting to know you as I document those precious milestones in your lives.